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Oct 25, 2009 at 11:00 AM

How to get the fields of Changes and Action log of Tcode IW32



I need to developed a report of changes and action log . when we execute iw32 tcode ,after entering order number press enter a screen of change maintenance work order comes.then to get change and Action log . click Extras >douments for order >(here we get) changes and Action log .that i need to display as report.

I got many of fields of these changes and Action log from table CDHDR AND CDPOS.I did not get some fields that are mentione below .from which table i can get these fields.

1) i got username from CDHDR ,How can i get user first name, last name and Department.?(i can see this in tcode su3 )

2)i got table name,field name from CDPOS ,how can i get table Description and Field Description ?

3)For Aciton Log there is field called sub object ,from which table i can get this field and how to get?