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SF Compensation publishing a promotion to employee central on different date

I have a client requirement to publish the completed SF CM results on different dates depending on if they are hourly or bi-weekly. I have successfully achieved this for merit and extra because I can do custom field with if statements to pull the final salary to determine the effective dates. Example:

<comp-ect-output-component componentType="payComponentRecurring" eventReason="ANSALREV" effectiveDate="2019-02-18"> <comp-hris-field-map> <comp-field-id><![CDATA[HrFinSal]]></comp-field-id> <hris-field-id><![CDATA[paycompvalue]]></hris-field-id> </comp-hris-field-map> </comp-ect-output-component> <comp-ect-output-component componentType="payComponentRecurring" eventReason="ANSALREV" effectiveDate="2019-02-23"> <comp-hris-field-map> <comp-field-id><![CDATA[BwFinSal]]></comp-field-id> <hris-field-id><![CDATA[paycompvalue]]></hris-field-id> </comp-hris-field-map> </comp-ect-output-component>

However, promotion is a single line and I am too new at XML to understand if I can use a variable field for the effective date or if I can embed the jobinfo change in with the above pay component config.

My preference would be to have an effectiveDate=[formFieldName]. Could anyone guide me?

<comp-ect-output-component componentType="jobInfo" effectiveDate="2019-02-01"> </comp-ect-output-component>
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