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Self Billing tolerances

We are currently trialling Self-Billing with a customer and have had some success when their Self Billing Invoice matches the Billing Document for the associated delivery. However, when we encounter differences, the iDoc is rejected (error message - Self-billing doc. could not be copied to open items in bill. doc.). Some of these differences are very small (one or two euro cents). In this instance we would like to utilise the tolerance facility. We have setup a tolerance group with an absolute value per delivery of +/- 0.10 EUR and set the Check Limit value. This tolerance group has been assigned to the Sold To (using the Sold-To Party Parameters in transaction VSB1N). However, when the iDoc is re-processed (using transaction WE19 and FM IDOC_INPUT_GSVERF_START) the error remains. We are using iDoc type GSVERF01, message type GSVERF and action code 000. Do the tolerances need to be in place prior to the delivery/billing doc being created on our side?

Please can somebody advise if they have experienced a similar situation and how they resolved it. Thanks

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