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Oct 23, 2009 at 01:05 PM

Sales price calculation not choosing the right vendor


Hello all,

In the current client we have 3 companies. The first company (let's call it G001) buys for all three, receives in the DC (let's call it DC01) and sells again to the other companies. We have 2 distribution chains G001/10 for sales from the stores and G001/20 for sales to the other 2 companies and wholesalers. In purchasing organization G001 an info record is created for the articles with the external vendor.

I have set up the retail sales price calculation for the G001/10 and it is functioning. It uses a Purchase price calculation schema for purchase price and various other surcharges/discounts. Then it uses a sales price with a mark-up and a price point group. Everything is OK, the purchase price is found for G001 and the external vendor and all the rest is fine.

I also use retail sales price calculation for G001/20 (i.e. sale to wholesalers or inter-company customers). The purchase price calculation schema is the same and the sales price is different (basically low mark-up and no rounding). Until this point no problem at all.

This second company is "replenished" from DC01 through an inter-company stock transfer order flow. Therefore an info record for the article is created in purchasing org R001 and vendor DC01. When I try to run the sales price calculation for the other companies (R001/10 for example) it gets complicated: the system uses the info record for G001 and the external vendor and does not use the info record for R001 and DC01. It uses purchasing info record G001 instead of R001.

When I specify the vendor in the selection screen of VKP5 as external vendor it issues the following message: "Distribution center DC01 does not deliver on Distr. Chain R001/10".

I have reviewed thoroughly the master data (the ref customer of distribution chain R001/10 is created in sales org G001/10) and do not find a solution.Specifying a "regular vendor" does not solve the problem. It seems like a logical problem.

I suppose it is possible to have 2 companies with 2 purchasing info records and that the sales price calculation uses the "correct" info record for each one. I am wondering what is wrong in the customizing because I am guessing the system does not "choose" the right info record.

Any help would be highly appreciated.