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Popup Message


I am looking for some step to build up a pop up message for on selection of employee. The popup text message information contains 4 lines with a TEXT that links to URL with a continue button. Can you pls let me know how to start with this requirment.

Many Thanks,


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4 Answers

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    Oct 23, 2009 at 09:20 AM


    Create a view wtih the UI elements(URL(link to URL/Action, button) that you require and call this view in the MAIN view

    as per your requirement. Create a window for this view and embed inside this.

    Create an action for that URL in that view and navigate to other based on your requirement.



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  • Oct 23, 2009 at 09:24 AM

    Create a new window and embedd a view in that which containts all UIs according to your requirement.

    And open the new window in the main window.

    I hope it helps.



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    Oct 23, 2009 at 09:36 AM

    Hi kumar ,

    create a VIEW for ur POP UP , embed it in the window

    refer the related threads:

    Message in a POPUP using Web Dynpro ABAP

    u create POPUP mesasage in ur embedded view under window as follow :

    1 go to ur code wizard ( CNTRL + F7 )

    2 click on the generate message

    3 select appropriate method

    **   get message manager
    *  DATA lo_api_controller     TYPE REF TO if_wd_controller.
    *  DATA lo_message_manager    TYPE REF TO if_wd_message_manager.
    *  lo_api_controller ?= wd_this->wd_get_api( ).
    *  CALL METHOD lo_api_controller->get_message_manager
    *    RECEIVING
    *      message_manager = lo_message_manager
    *      .
    *   CONCATENATE 'You have logged in as :' SY-UNAME
    *    ' You are not authorised to add records .' into l_message
    *      SEPARATED BY space .
    *   CALL METHOD lo_message_manager->report_error_message
    *     EXPORTING
    *       message_text = l_message .

    eg this report_error_message for error messages

    4 u create ur button there inur embedded view and correspondingly navigate to URL

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    Oct 23, 2009 at 09:49 AM


    I would suggest you to follow this approach :

    1. Create another view View2.

    2. Embed whatever UI elements you want.

    Ex. As per your requriment , Embed a LinkToURL, Text Views, Buttons.

    3. LinktoURL when clicked will take you to the URL you give.

    4. Inside TextViews give any Text which you want to display when your pop up window opens.

    5. Create another Window Win2.

    6. Embed View2 into window win2.

    7. Call this window using this code :

    Data: context_node type ref to if_wd_context_node.

    data: lr_popup type ref to if_wd_window,

    lr_view_controller type ref to if_wd_view_controller.

    data: lr_api_comp_controller type ref to if_wd_component,

    lr_window_manager type ref to if_wd_window_manager.

    lr_api_comp_controller = wd_comp_controller->wd_get_api( ).

    lr_window_manager = lr_api_comp_controller->get_window_manager( ).

    lr_popup = lr_window_manager->create_window(


    window_name = 'WND2" Name of the new window

    TITLE = 'Please enter all information'


    BUTTON_KIND = if_wd_window=>CO_BUTTONS_YESNO

    MESSAGE_TYPE = if_wd_window=>co_msg_type_error




    I hope it is clear.

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Have you used LinkTo URL or LinkToAction. If you have used Linktoaction then impelment the action handler for that then you will get the hand icon. If you are using the LinkToURL then try to give the correct URL(full domain).

      Try to use LinkToAction UI element.

      I guess, you are directly concatenating the string and display that message, and part of the text is URL right.

      Then you have to have textview, LinkToAction,textview as a part of the UI elements.

      Have you deisgned the layout that way or not.


      w_url = 'Guide'

      CONCATENATE 'employees detais' w_url 'check the link for more info' into l_text.

      display ' employee details' text in one Textview UI element,

      LinkToAction - Guide

      display 'check the link for more info' in other Text view.

      Then i am assigning l_text to the Formatted Textview UI element.

      Hope this is clear.



      Edited by: Lekha on Oct 24, 2009 12:51 PM