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Oct 22, 2009 at 07:56 PM

Function keys DO work, NOT on SAP ITS …


Hello all,

I have an interesting problem with function keys functionality on Symbol MC9090G devices (Windows mobile 5.0) using Wavelink technical browser (Wavelink TelneCE 7.0.02).

I have to move our WM mobile application from SAP WebConsole to ITS mobile platform.

I did all the necessary set up (internet service, html templates, device specific include file for mapping f-keys, SICF set up, etc.).

The application is looking all right running on ITSmobile, except function keys u2013 those are not working. I spent too much time on this issue and still got no result. What a bummer.

For my test I have created simple HTML file with small java script and all necessary metatags for key mapping. All it does is displaying alert message box when function key is pressed. When opening this file using wavelink browser from my local web server, function keys are working properly and alert box is being displayed. However, when the same file is being used from SAP WAS (ITS), the function keys do not work in Wavelink browser. It is still the same file, does not matter if I open it from different server so I guess the functionality should be the same, right?

Thank you for your help.