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Oct 22, 2009 at 03:55 PM

Transfer posting in QA11


Hi All,

I have the following issue in my client:

They have made a material to material stock transfer using tc MB1B.

Item 1 -> Transfer material A to material C (Plant: 1000 Storage Location: 1000)

Item 2 -> Transfer material B to material C (Plant: 1000 Storage Location: 1200)

They have QM active when they transfer stock (control type 08).

We don't know why, but when they transfer both quantities the system only creates one inspection lot, instead of two (like configuration in material master). Another issue about this is that they already made this type of material transfer with same data and the system creates one inspection lot per each item.

But my main issue right now is the stock posted in QM. I have only one inspection lot to all quantity (250 Kg) with SL 1000, but the stock is divided in two storage locations (SL 1000 with 210 Kg and SL 1200 with 40 Kg). When I try to make the UD I got the message "M7021Deficit of BA qual.insp 0,040 TON :1000001 1000 1000 20090923" because the 40 Kg is in another storage location.

At the moment I already transfer the 210 Kg using the inspection lot stock view in QA11 transaction, but I don't know how to transfer the missing quantity.

Another thing about this is that I already tried to cancel the material document, but the system don't let me, give the error message "QA046 You cannot cancel GR, since inspection lot is already partly posted".

Can anybody sugest how can I handle with this.

Kind Regards,

Rogério Reis