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What's the best place in MIME Rep. to store custom images for logon screen?

What's the best place in MIME Rep. to store custom images for logon screen?

Hi there,

I am working on modifying the WAS logon screen for WebDynpro application.

In SICF (system logon configuration service specific setting - adjust links and images) I have specified custom header and footer images.

First I used images stored on our company web side ( Images were displayed all right but every time I started the application in my browser, popup window with "Some contents of this web page was not delivered securely, do you want to display such delivered content"-like message was displayed. When I said yes - the logon screen was displayed with my images, if I said no, images were not displayed, only input fields for user/pwd, etc.

I thought this was happening because the images were not stored on our SAP WAS server. So I saved the images to Mime repository under SAP/Public/BC/Pictograms folder and change the path to /sap/public/bc/pictograms/abc.gif in SICF service setting.

This way I got rid of those annoying popup windows and logon screen has been displayed all right since. Everything is working fine I just do not like using standard SAP folder SAP/Public/BC/Pictograms for storing these custom images.

I would prefer using SAP/Public/Z* folder so the path to my picture would e.g. /sap/public/zxyz/images/abc.gif.

I am able to create such folder together with my images, the problem is I do not know how to create custom SICF service to be used for this images. When trying to create zxyz service under /default_host/sap/public/ folder I am getting the error: No authorization to change/delete virtual host/system service.

Any ideas how to do this? Or is it OK to keep custom images in standard SAP folder?

The requirement is to have these images publicly available on SAP WAS server.

Thank you for looking into this.



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    Oct 22, 2009 at 03:52 PM

    Customers can't create new folders under the Public branch. Generally it isn't a huge problem to put your own images into the SAP folders, although keep in mind that they can be delete or overwritten during an upgrade and you might have to replace them or rename them at that point.

    Everytime you create a BSP or Web Dynpro application you basically have a custom Mime folder. You can always set the logon information for this folder to embed a user name and password into that note. If you only have static images in this node and not any actually applications then you souldn't run into any licesnsing problems.

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