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Oct 22, 2009 at 09:53 AM

Change the properties for the XPI Service: CPA Cache


Hi all,

I would like to apply note 804124 especially the following part:

" For the Adapter Engine, the approach is different: Change the properties




of the J2EE service "SAP XI AF CPA Cache" (6.40, 7.0) or "XPI Service: CPA Cache" (7.1 and higher). Enter the fully qualified host name under which the Adapter Engine can be reached from all relevant network domains. Do this in the Visual Administrator of the J2EE Engine (6.40, 7.0) or NetWeaver Administrator (7.1 and higher). Then restart the applications "" and "", or restart the complete J2EE engine. This triggers a new Adapter Engine self-registration."

I am using PI 7.10 and therefore Netweaver Administrator tool. Could you please tell me how to apply the note in question with NWA (i.e. which NWA menu to use, etc.)? Is there a guide for this new tool?