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Oct 22, 2009 at 09:34 AM

Tolerance check on unplanned delivery cost



I need to clarify, when I create a subsequent debit using MIRO. I enter unplanned delivery cost (tab details).

The system won't check tolerance limit for this.

But If I read the description for tolerance key PP (price variance) in OMR6, it says :

When posting a subsequent debit/credit, the system first checks if a price check has been defined for subsequent debits/credits. If so, the system calculates the difference between (value of subsequent debit/credit + value invoiced so far) / quantity invoiced so far * quantity to be debited/credited and the product of the quantity to be debited/credited * order price and compares this with the upper and lower tolerance limits (absolute limits and percentage limits).

Need to clarify :

- This tolerance limit is only applies to line item checking. (Based on snote 33720)

- Since that unplanned delivery cost is header level, so no tolerance limit checking from SAP for this.

Is there any other documents can support the statement, besides snote 33720.