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Oct 22, 2009 at 09:25 AM

issue with editable alv using cl_gui_alv_grid


Hello all,

its a table update program . user can save create new entry and delete the entires . the screen should be avaiable for multiple time inputs by the user . i achived it by method handle double click and i am refreshing the scrren and making the alv for ready for input . but user wants the screen shoukld get refreshed automatically once user clicks on save button .

how can I achive plz advise .

I am working on ALV by cl_gui_alv_grid , I am using the followingmethods of the class

1) METHODS: handle_toolbar FOR EVENT toolbar OF cl_gui_alv_grid

IMPORTING e_object e_interactive.

2) METHODS: handle_user_command FOR EVENT

user_command OF cl_gui_alv_grid

IMPORTING e_ucomm,


3) METHODS: handle_double_click FOR EVENT

double_click OF cl_gui_alv_grid

IMPORTING e_row e_column.

4) METHODS: handle_data_changed

FOR EVENT data_changed OF cl_gui_alv_grid

IMPORTING er_data_changed.

Thanks in advance .