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Former Member
Oct 22, 2009 at 08:44 AM

OBY6 no forex clearing in local currency when LC2 used also


Hi folks,

I know this is a long shot that anyone can help but here goes..

Our site has local currency BOB and an additional local currency (local currency 2) USD.

So we usually get 2 local currency amounts in documents, a BOB amount and a USD amount.

When clearing in local currency BOB we are getting a lot of exchange rate difference postings for documents that are in foreign currency. We want to stop the exchange rate difference postings when we clear in local currency BOB, as it is not necessary to post a difference for clearing.

The setting in OBY6 for this is tick box "no forex rate diff. when clearing LC"

However even when this is ticked in OBY6 I STILL get the gain/loss exchange rate postings when for example a EUR document is cleared using the local currency amount in BOB. I am sure I have seen this setting work before, but not with an additional LC2. Maybe the LC2 being USD means that this setting can no longer work? We are on 4.7.

Thanks all