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Oct 22, 2009 at 04:35 AM

Exception when running aync java server proxy scenario.....


Hi All,

I have created one async Java Server Proxy Scenario in PI7.1 using NWDS7.1. I have successfully completed the below mentioned steps:

1) Created and deployed my java proxy EAR file on non central adapter engine.

2) Successfully registered my server proxy interface using the followng URL:


where Jndi- name is: JavaProxy2

But when i am seeing the audit log (under RWB->message monitoing) i am getting some exception and my message status turns into the SystemError . The exception is like this:

Delivering the message to the application using connection JPR failed,

.MessagingException: Error processing inbound message. Exception: Cannot locate proxy bean localejbs/JavaProxy2.

I have looked almost all the post related to this exception but can't able to figure out the problem.

So, request you all to help me.