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Oct 21, 2009 at 07:24 PM

Update logon information in recurring schedules in CRS 2008


Hi All,

I am trying to update the logon information in a recurring schedule in Crystal Reports Server 2008 using infoobject.

I tried the commands below, but I think the password encryption is causing issues with the update.

string query = "select si_id, si_kind,si_name,si_processinfo.si_logon_info FROM CI_INFOOBJECTS WHERE SI_RECURRING = 1 and SI_id= 2448 ";

InfoObjects infoObjs = infoStore.Query(query);

foreach (InfoObject infoObject in infoObjs)


infoObject.ProcessingInfo.Properties["SI_LOGON_INFO"].Properties["SI_LOGON1"].Properties["SI_USER"].Value = "newUserID";

infoObject.ProcessingInfo.Properties["SI_LOGON_INFO"].Properties["SI_LOGON1"].Properties["SI_PASSWORD"].Value = "newPassword";



After this update, when I query the same recurring instance, I see that the user id and password are updated, but password is not encrypted and the instance fails next time it runs. Is my approach correct? Is there a way to handle the passwords?

If this is not the way to update the logon details, how should i go about it? SDK documentation examples uses ReportLogons class, but when I try to access this class using PluginInterface in my Infoobject above, I can't find ReportLogons.