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Oct 21, 2009 at 03:19 PM

Infy 21(Family Member) screens for Singapore are different in R3 and on ESS


Hi experts

We just upgraded to ECC 6.0 and have implemented SAP HR for Singapore.

Our issue is that the infotype screens are different in R/3 and on portal. On ESS for Family member/Dependent section, we have 4 blocks on each subtype. This is standard ESS screen for Singapore ( EMPLOYEE_FAMMEMBER_SG_SERVICE).

1. Family member Data

2. Id Information

3. Address

4. Employer Information.

But, we don't have the same screeen in the back end. Please help me with the steps how to achieve that.

Currently, IT 21 screen is assigned to Module pool MP02100, standard screen 2000.

How to get Id block and address block on the infotype screen?

Thank you,

Jaya Kulkarni