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Problem with Input help inside an adobe interactive forms

Hi Experts,

I'm currently implementing a Webdynpro ABAP application containing a Interactive forms.

I'm using Adobe Live Cycle Designer 8.0, Acrobat reader 9.2, Internet Explorer 7.0

My problem is that when I click on the "input help" button inside the adobe form, he automatically refresh all the forms UI element with their initial values. Is-it a refresh event included when we pressed the "Input help" button or an other event? How Can I deactivate that action, event?

Because since he automatically refresh my form data I loose the context current values.

Thanks in advance,


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3 Answers

  • Oct 21, 2009 at 07:46 PM


    how (where/when) do you set your initial values?

    data binding of the form fields is correct?

    do you use an xml interface??


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    • >

      > Hi Norbert,


      > Thanks for reply, yes I use ZCI and I inserted the Webdynpro script through Utilities.


      > Best Regards,

      > Louis

      strange, but you could compare the version of the zci scripting

      in your form in the hierarchy tab there are variables and the ContainerFoundation_JS script --> the first line

      // DO NOT MODIFY THE CODE BEYOND THIS POINT - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - ContainerFoundation_JS gives you the requested information about the scripting version...have a look at this version...


      perhaps this note helps:

      Note 999998 - Analyzing errors with Adobe Integration of Web Dynpro ABAP

      --> for debugging!

      A client debug function is available as of SAP NetWeaver Release 7.00 Support Package 19 (or after you implement Note 1287114) and for all Enhancement Packages. Activate this client debug function using the URL parameter "sap-wd-clientDebug=X" (attach it to the URL using "&"). You can then activate the client trace using the key combination T (move the focus to a Web Dynpro UI element, for example, to an InputField, do NOT move the focus to Adobe Reader). The system opens a new browser window with the trace output. The trace may contain an error entry ("Network Error", and so on). The URL also activates the Adobe document services (ADS) trace. The trace outputs of the ADS are copied to the generated PDF document as an attachment. Open the file " Error.pdf" of the ADS trace: Form errors (for example, script errors) are listed there.

      Edited by: Norbert Prager on Oct 24, 2009 7:31 PM

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    Nov 02, 2009 at 11:02 PM

    Hi Louis,

    We made a lot of efforts to avoid refreshing the Adobe Reader during server roundtrips. Actually, the Adobe Reader has to be refreshed if the templateSource has been changed dynamically, the interactiveForm UI-element has been replaced dynamically or attachments will be used in the interactive form (which is NOT SUPPORTED for SAP NetWeaver Rel. 7.0/EhP1!). The value helps should definitely not cause an Adobe Reader refresh.

    There's a Web Dynpro ABAP test application WDR_TEST_ADOBE available for all releases which contains a test for the value helps: Navigate to Test Cases -> ZCI -> XML-Schnittstelle (Engl: XML-Interface) -> Version 2 -> Editieren ValueHelp

    What's the behaviour of the test application?

    Is it possible that you (re-) initialize the interactiveForm UI-element in WDDOMODIFYVIEW by calling IF_WD_VIEW~RESET_VIEW or recreate the interactiveForm UI-element?



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  • Dec 10, 2009 at 10:40 AM

    Dear sirs, has any progress been achieved? Any useful information/ experience to share? I have a problem that can be connected with what you´ve been discussed here. Thank you, Otto

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    • Former Member


      The issue was that we haven't the right support package level, so we go to sap note 1354405 and made the correction.

      Best regards,