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Oct 21, 2009 at 02:15 PM

Can't restart our input and output frs



last month we used our AT BOXI system to help restore a folder's worth of reports that an unfortunate user had deleted in production. In the course of the restore the AT BOXI CMS and input and output frs were pointed at the restored databases.

I've now tried to repoint the CMS and frs's back to the original databases and though the CMS restarts ok the frs's refuse to restart.

The shared drive with the frs on it was 'unshared' for a while according to our server guy who helped with the restore but he says he's put it back now just as it was (though I believe the old name was atboxifrs and it's now ATboxifrs). He also says all the access rights to the share are the same.

What could be preventing the frs from restarting?

We have BOXIr2 SP4 on a Windows server.