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Oct 21, 2009 at 01:19 PM

Result not showing - Analyzer or BEx Web


Hello group.

I have a query defined that shows the following:

NAV-1      NAV-2       Sales Document #       Material       Back Order Qty        Value $
BOX        Small          10000001             H-A4500            50               200 USD
                          10000005             H-A4500            75               210 USD
                          10000030             H-A6039           126               560 USD
           Medium         10000001             H-B6800            12               650 USD

NAV-1 and NAV-2 and Navigational attributes of Material. I'd like to see a result for the "Small" attributes which would show 251 PC with a total value of 970 USD. Now before you even think, woah, 10 easy points to answer that one, I do have the "Result always displayed on NAV-1, NAV-2 and Sales Document characteristic and it is not showing. The reason why is that I have a condition defined to show only the entries that have the "Back Order Qty > 0" in my query. I don't understand why it impact the total from being displayed as if I remove the condition, totals are showing but the report is not acceptable in that way because it shows every single sales document line items with a quantity equals to zero.

Might be worth mentionning as well that my two key figures are in fact formulas based on other formulas and selections that are hidden in my report.

Anyone have a genius idea?

Thank you.