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Inter Comapny Billing


We have a intercompany purchase scenario

1. PO generate from UK company code ( This is working fine)

2. Goods are deliver from US u2013Sales Organization-Delivery plant through VL10B( This is working fine)

3. Goods issue is happening thorough VL02N ( Working fine)

4. Goods receipt at UK plant through MIGO ( Working fine)

5. Invoice at UK with PO price MIRO(Working fine)

Note : The Material price are maintained the both the plant as identical

The Issue is -

The delivery plant US would like to charge X % of net value to UK customer as profit

To address this issue we are doing additional step

1. We are creating a Billing document though VF01 -& Pricing procedure as ICAA01 and maintaining the IV02 maintained as % Value as a record with requirement type 22. The value appearing in Pricing procedure as statistical as per SAP standard

2. This condition procedure is working fine. We are getting accounting document without any error for Base price ( We are not use this document to bill to customer because our invoice process through MIRO)

3. But we need to bill to customer for additional amount (IV02 maintained as % Value )through SD-IV billing process.

4. So we are running VF04 for intercompany billing as (x) , Expecting the system should trigger an Inter company invoice for IV02 u2013condition amount (X%) But system not generating the intercompany billing document.

Note : We have maintained all setting which are required for Intercompany sales

Please guide me where I went wrong.

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Oct 21, 2009 at 01:41 PM

    From your thread,

    I understood that,

    US wants to charge profit in % from UK(Internal Customer) in IV billing & Company wants to collect the same amount from Customer through regular invoice with same & charged by UK.

    am i right?

    In IV billing- IV02 Condition type is working fine. You can maintai the same condition type in Both pricing procedures regular / Intercompany.

    Create new condition table, as

    Sales orgranisation of Order + Delivering Plant + material.

    Then as per condition record, same condition will be triggered in both the billing documents. remove the statistical indicator / subto from reg pricing procedure.

    try ,hope it helps you

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    • As you know,

      In INTERCOMPANY STOCK TRANSFER, Intercompany billing IV is created wrt: Replenishment STO delivery ( Deltype:NLCC)

      test with a new cycle. post the message where you got struck. Try creating IV from VF01.

      have you created new Conditon type, copy of IV02? assigned in IV billing pricing procedure-