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Former Member
Oct 21, 2009 at 05:34 AM

Delivery date of Purchase Requisition


Dear all,

I Have 1 FG material X, to produce this FG i need 3 raw materials A,B & C. Plannned deliver time for A is 10 days, for B 15 days & for C is 30 days.

Once all the raw materials are in house, we will start the production of FG.

If i run MRP for FG material X, system will create purchase requisition for raw materials. The delivery date for Material A is 10.11.2009, for B 15.11.2009 & for C 30.11.2009.

Now my client requirement is, as we will start the production on 30.11.2009, system should give same delivery date for all the raw materials i.e. 30.11.2009 even though the planned delivery time is different, other wise unnecessarily we have to keep the stock of Material A & B for 20 & 15 days respectively which will result in increased inventory.

Is it possible to meet this requirement even though the planned delivery time different?

If possible what setting i have to do?

Thanks in advance.