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Oct 20, 2009 at 08:22 PM

GRC AC- Workflow in CUP


Dear All,

We encountered an issue with one of our customers regarding the definition of WFu2019s path.

The customer has a WF : START -> risk manager -> business manager 1 -> business manager 2 (**) -> auth. Manager -> FINISH

(**) u2013 The second approval of business manager is needed only in the case where the Functional area of the role is not the same of the one of the Request.

We thought about defining CAD approvers for every combination of Role Functional Area & Request Functional Area (for the cases they are not the same).

The problem is that in the case where both is the same, this stage is not needed at all. So we thought about using an escape rout u2013 but then it will be relevant for all WFs, and this is not what we want.

Do you have any idea how to deal with this situation ?