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Oct 20, 2009 at 08:20 PM

SAP Retail - POS interface


Hi experts,

First at all, I am new at SAP Retail and interfaces. I am working on a POS interface with SAP Retail. I have some issues with the FI interface.

Here is the situation:

The POS (non sap POS) will generate IDOCs (as text files) type WPUFIB01 and SAP will read them and process them. I have configured the "Transaction type-dependent control of financial transactions", but when I try to test the IDOCs get status 51 and the POS Interface monitor just says "Enter valid parameter".

Once again I am a rookie on SAP Retail, I would appreciate any kind of references or documentation about how this interface should be configured, I have been searching in the web but so far I have not found anything detailed.

Thanks in advance.