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Oct 20, 2009 at 07:20 PM

Seeburger BIC mapper - CRLF as the segment delimiter


I am trying to configure an E2X AS2 scenario using Seeburger adapters but the sender AS2 channel is failing. I receive the error "Length limit exceeded - no SEG. delim. found!!!" during the BIC mapping step. The format of the message I am receiving from the vendor has no segment delimiters and the different segments are simply on separate lines of the message. The fields are delimited with asterisks.

If I add ~ at the end of each line, and delete all of the CRLFs so that the entire message is on one line, the BIC is able to successfully map the EDI message to XML.

Without having the vendor change the format of the file, what can I do to configure the Seeburger adapters to recognize CRLF as the segment delimiter so I can process the vendor's files as they are currently creating them?