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Oct 20, 2009 at 06:09 PM

How to display Error messages through BADI HRPAD00INFTY in ESS ?



In ESS, I want to perform custom validation on IT1067 ( Health Plan ) and allow only specific combinations of health plans to be selected. We are on ECC6.0 EhP4 . This infotype is "NOT PERMITTED" in the new decoupled framework and hence I cannot use NEW BADI's for validation and I am stuck with Classical BADI - HRPAD00INFTY.

In my classical badi HRPAD00INFTY, after validation, I want to display an error message if "Invalid Combination" is selected by the user.

I tried using the following code to display the error message :

          DATA badi_message_handler   TYPE REF TO cl_hrpa_message_list.
          DATA message_handler        TYPE REF TO if_hrpa_message_handler.  
          DATA msg                    TYPE symsg.
          DATA is_ok                  TYPE boole_d.

          CREATE OBJECT badi_message_handler.
          message_handler = badi_message_handler.
          msg-msgid = 'YHBN'.
          msg-msgty = 'E'.
          msg-msgno = '006'.
          msg-msgv1 = c_none_plans. "'Invalid Plan'(z09).
          CALL METHOD message_handler->add_message
              message = msg
              cause   = message_handler->unknown.
              is_ok = space.
          badi_message_handler->add_messages( message_handler ).
          RAISE error_with_message.

The message is displayed in ESS but after that the Java Trace Exception is displayed. I want to display the error message in a user friendly way and provide an option to correct the plans.

Please let me know if anyone has done similar thing or have any suggestions.