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Oct 20, 2009 at 12:25 PM

Change table's package


Hi people,

I am having some problems here and I need your help.

I have to change the package of several tables on a migration we are doing.

But the solution we have is not very quick to finish, so if you have any other way...

What we are doing is:

create a new table(copy) delete the older one and then "recopy" with the same original name, just now we can change the package to the one we want.

What we tryied but didn't work:

Change the package to the new one on the first table.

Create the "third" table already on the package.

The solution that I need "if it's posible" is to change package to the new one on the first table because on the other ways we have to recreate the actualization view"sm30" too.