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Oct 11, 2018 at 12:39 PM

Split outgoing payments to two different Vendor bank accounts (Netherlands)


We have a requirement wherein we need to split an outgoing payment to Vendor in two parts which needs to be paid in 2 different bank accounts (Say 80% in Bank Account1 and 20% in Bank Account2)

Our client says it is a requirement in Netherlands, wherein We need to pay the supplier and a part of payments need to be transferred to a blocked account (They call it "G-Account"). The splitting needs to be automatic, while processing outgoing payments. Invoice will be a single invoice, but payments should be split.

One way would be using investment payment terms to achieve the split, but again selection different bank accounts will be a challenge

Is any one aware if there is a standard way to implement this?

(This being a common process, I think there should be a standard SAP Solution)