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Oct 11, 2018 at 09:46 AM

Euro Sign € converted to # during load into PSA


Hello community members,

We have a strange issue that we are not able to solve.

We load texts for WBS-Elements with that standard SAP-extractor 0WBS_ELEMT_TEXTfrom ERP to BI.

In our DEV-system, all works fine, and the texts are transferred as expected.

In our PROD-Systen however, any € in the text is replaced by #

So example: "Investment < 10.000 €" is converted to "Investment < 10.000 #"

We have checked already the following:

- RSKC --> Settings are the same in both system, even at HEX level

- Codepages of the systems: these are also identical in all 4 systems (DEV: BI + ERP, PROD: BI + ERP)

Anyone any ideas ?Thanks

BR, Marc