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Oct 19, 2009 at 08:00 PM

planned order to PR conversion in MD04


Hi Gurus,

We see planned orders in MD04 for a material. Please explain me how and when the system will convert this planned order to PR. The material is externally procured. please exaplain me about the MRP elements and and their relationship in MD04. I 'm new to MD04. Here is hte eexact scenario. Theere is a planned order out there with date of 11/20/2009 that is actually trying to meet the requirement from a sales order for 11/20/2009. The Order finish date is 11/15/2009. Order start 11/07/2009 Proc. type F Planned opening 10/23/2009 Order type NB, GR ProcTme 5. We are tryin to procure this material via STO from a different plant.

Now please exaplin when will the planned order gett converted to PR. Do we have to automatically convert it? please explain these specifics



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