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Oct 19, 2009 at 06:06 PM

Odd behavior on web template used to update real-time cubes


Hello all

This is my first time posting on this forum so please excuse any blunders.

I have a situation wherein 2 queries (one built on an aggregate level which is set up on a multiprovider containing a real-time cube and the other built on an aggregate level set up directly on a real-time cube) are being used to update data. For both of these queries, I'm trying to fill in fields such as user, created by, time, date etc. These fields are being filled in the custom class "ZCL_LOC_CR_LINE_ITEM" and all of the settings are correct for the aggregation level/infoproviders.

However, I'm encountering 2 problems. Firstly, for one of these queries on the web template, the fields I want filled are not getting filled in by the exit. In fact, I put hard-code break points in the exit's DERIVE method but the control is not even going in there. But for the other query, the control flows into the user-exit correctly when I hit the return key after populating all of the remaining characteristic fields on the input screen. Secondly, for the first query, the fields are not input-enabled. But I've set up both queires to be more or less similar in the sense that the fields to be populated in the user-exit are not on the query screen etc. I'm stumped and would appreciate some help from the experts out there.