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No users have any authorizations after client copy

Nov 21, 2016 at 03:46 PM


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Hi Everyone,

We did a client copy from QA system to Dev system, using transaction SCC9 and profile SAP_APPL. We used parallel processing. We have done this procedure many times before. The copy cancelled with text to restart the copy. I restarted the entire server and started the copy again. Then the copy ended with errors "Status F". After that no users have any authorizations in the client. Not even SAP* or DDIC can enter any transactions, so I cannot delete the client, I cannot restart the client copy, I cannot run SCC4, SM37. I am truly stuck. How do I fix this? Or do I need to restore to last full copy?

There is also a error message at the end of the Log Analysis that says "The log file is incomplete", but I think we can ignore that since we did ran parallel processing.

I can log into another client and view the error log, but it gives me no indication as what happened. It just lists that could not convert entries in tables TBD06 (Distribution Model) and USZBVLNDRC (CUA) fields.

I have tried from the CUA system to delete the profiles from SAP*, and to re-add it, but no joy. I then tried to delete SAP* from the client using CUA client, but no joy either. My assumption is that the RFC user also has no authorizations anymore.

Please help.

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We decided to do a full database recovery to the last full backup. Hopefully this will not happen again. Daniel Qing had the same issue back in January of 2015 ( and he thought that the copy tool could be at fault.

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Andre Coetser Nov 29, 2016 at 04:23 PM

Just want to give feedback for anyone that might experience the same issue. I cannot exactly say what caused the issue, but what we ended up doing to fix it was to delete the client, and build it up from scratch. After we built the client as a copy of the Golden Client, we reran the client copy from the QA system, and the copy finished successful. In hind sight, what we could have tried was to delete the SAP * account at database level and let the system recreate it, as suggested in other posts. Any way, we are good now.

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