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Former Member
Oct 19, 2009 at 04:53 PM

PLD formula for territory / document total conditional


Dear All,

I am working on a Sales Quotation PLD and the requirement is as under :

2 text field e.g Field_329 and Field_344 is available in which the name of the persons are there respectively. I have a formula created also which is for Field_346 (Formula is Field_345>=100000) and Field_347 ( Formula is Field_345<=100000) wherein Field_345 is Document Total from OQUT table.

Now field_329 is linked Field_346 and Field_344 is linked to Field_347.

This solves the problem of having a condition to display 2 text fields based on the formula of >=100000 and <=100000. Its working perfect.

Now a want to put a additional condition or formula on the same field of Field_329 and Field_344 wherein it would get displayed based on the territory which is give in the formula. For example I want Field_329 to get displayed only for territory 10,12,18 and not for others. Now as I have already used and linked field_329 with Field_346 how can i put additional linkage or condition.

My whole concept is that the text field should get displayed in two conditions which is based on Document total and the territory of the Business Partner.

Please advise