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Oct 19, 2009 at 03:26 PM

Split valuation with batch management and project stock


Dear Gurus,

I need to combine two following requirements:

1. split valuation with batch management (valuation type = batch number)

2. project stock

These two functionalities work fine separately but not together.

I receipt PO for material with spiit valuation on a batch level into a project stock. Posting is OK and material document (MSEG table) seems to be OK (batch number, valuation type and project stock are in this table). The problem appears when I want to display material in this valuation type (MM03) or batch (MSC3n). They don't exist!!! Short investigation showed that during goods receipt table MBEW (valuated stock) was not updated with this valuation type.

But If PO is receipt into normal stock first and then posted into project stock everything is OK.

Have you had or heart about such issue? I would appreciate any sugestion.

Thsnks in advance.

Marcin Bernat