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Oct 19, 2009 at 01:14 PM

Organizational management with/without CO assignment


Hello HR experts! I am an FI/CO consultant trying to assist in the process of implementing PA-OM in our company, but we have some integration issues.

In our corporate structure we have a mixed setup:

- Not all companies run SAP

- Some of our companies/legal entities have offices in several countries


Company A is situated in Denmark but has a rep. office with employees in Russia. Company A runs FI/CO/PP/SD in SAP.

Company B is situated in Brazil. Company B doesn't run SAP.

The scope of the project is to maintain all employees in one organization in SAP and this is where the problems start piling up!

The HR consultants need one personnel area per site/country (same thing in our case) to get the country settings for employees right. Because of this they need a company code for every site as well. So we created company codes for all sites - even the ones that are actually just rep. offices (not legal entities):

So we have the following personnel areas and corresponding company codes:




Of these, only A is a "real" company code in SAP. The others are just a name, number and currency. There will never be any financial transactions concerning these company codes in SAP - only personnel actions.

Next, in organizational management, we are told that we need a cost center to assign the organizational unit to. In hiring we get errors that we need to assign the company codes to a fiscal year variant and chart of accounts - I expect more errors regarding the company code setup as we enter these settings.

The problem is that (at least from my view) it doesn't make sense to assign a fictitious company code to our CO-area and create cost centers for this. And it seems strange to have to make a functional company code when there is no legal entity and no postings will ever take place - I know it is possible to run FI without CO, so I would expect to be able to run HR without CO as well.

Is it possible to "cut" the strings between HR and FI/CO (or at least CO) for some of the personnel areas and some parts of the organizational structure?

What is the recommended way of handling this scenario?

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