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Oct 19, 2009 at 01:06 PM

MTO Sales order is NOT a COST OBJECT


Hi All,

I'm working on MTO process and i have some question.i would like to clarify MTO process.

If we are using Valuated MTO process and Sales order is NOT a COST OBJECT

1.Are we going to run material cost estimate for MTO materials?

2.How can i configure or make Sales order is NOT a Cost Object?

3.If Saleso order is not a cost object,how production order process will work from controlling point of you?are we going calculate WIP on production order and WIP is settled to sales order or FI/PCA?

4.Once production order is complete,Goods Receipt will post to Inventory or Sales order stock?

5.Once production order is complete,we are going to calculate variance on production orders?

Any help is appreciated...