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Oct 19, 2009 at 12:41 PM

External Processing error in Product Costing


Hi Gurus,

We have created a new client copied from production client as part of the project. Now cost estimates of both the clients should be matched. When we run the product cost estimate, particularly for 1 material values in the 'External processing' cost component is not matching in the new client with PN client. In new client it is 377.43 and PN client it is 473.23. I dont know how this variation is arising.The co. code currency is PLN.

I have checked the followinf details.

1. Purchasing info record in both the systems, it is correct. The rate is in EUR. So, i maintained all the exchange rate conversions of OB08 in d new client, but still the diff exists.

2. I have checked the valuation variant settings of the costing variant, all are same since new client is a copy of production client.

3. We have checked the sub component details of the materials.

When we explode the Costed BOM in d prod cost estimate, the vendor, purchasing info record shows the variation. So, the origin of variation between the new client we can see, but not able to find out, from where it is picking the values and why the values are not matching.

Your guidance and help will be deeply appreciated.