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Oct 18, 2009 at 05:47 PM

ABAP program to Cancel messages in Scheduled/Recorded status?



Thanks for reading my post...

Can anyone tell me whether there is an ABAP program available (or a variant) that will Cancel messages that are in Scheduled (or Recorded) status?

Messages to be sent from ECC to PI were not sent and are left in Recorded status in ECC. I cannot find the documentation to explain what this status is, but I'm presuming that it's similar to the Scheduled status in PI (though there's not much documentation about that either - for example, what's the difference between the 'green flag' Scheduled and the 'green flag' Released for Processing (WS)? ). {Note to SAP: Could we have a state transition diagram please? Simple, concise and effective.}

Anyway, the 'tick-pencil' button in SXMB_MONI (aka. CTRL-F8) can be used to cancel the messages in Scheduled/Recorded status. But I'm looking for an ABAP program to do this. The documentation seems to 'suggest' that this button might do the same thing as the ABAP program RSXMB_CANCEL_MESSAGES. However, this ABAP program does not cancel messages in Scheduled status (only the messages in Error), whereas the SXMB_MONI CTRL-F8 'tick-pencil' will cancel messages in Scheduled status if they are selected.

Is there another ABAP program available to cancel messages in Scheduled status - or is it possible to create a variant of RSXMB_CANCEL_MESSAGES that will do this? (I'm not an ABAP programmer and I've never created a variant, but looking at the code, it seemed it might be possible to get the program to read messages in Scheduled status rather than Error status.)

Many thanks for any help.