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Oct 17, 2009 at 09:46 PM

Feature requests - Please read before requesting something


Hello all,

UPDATE: They are just about to make the Idea Place full featured, currently beta. It's going to be THE place and a great place to post these suggestions with Points being awarded to the contributors, details to be announced also. It's available now, look up, second from the right

[Idea Place|]

Second page has Crystal Reports, click on the agree to terms if it pops up.

You can start entering your suggestions now, knowing it's still beta, but nothing should be lost when it goes GA.

I'll leave this post open for a while but once it's open please post your suggestions there so you get the credit for your idea.

Enjoy all....


[UPDATE] - Regarding the charting enhancements - Cr uses a third party charting dll and we don't have the ability to add new features to the basic functionality. Check the Feature info on new product lines for any updates to charting functionality. We are well aware of the limitation the basic charting functions have.

I believe we are working on a feature request forum but lots of details to work out yet. In the mean time if you have a request please add it it here. PLEASE keep it short and to the point to conserve space. Steps on where and how it would work if you know. If it's DB or other third party application related specify the product with a link to their site.

As this progresses I may add more info or suggestions.

DO NOT POST YOUR QUESTIONS IN THIS POST. IT IS FOR FEATURE REQUESTS ONLY AND NOT TO BE USED AS A PLACE TO GET ANSWERS. Post your question first and if no work around or solution is sent then post your enhancement here.

I will delete such questions.

Thank you


Enhancement Requests are exactly that. There are no guarantee's these features will be put into Future versions. The Product teams do look at every request and determine if they can be done and when or if they will be added.

If any of these are something that you must have please log a case and provide a very good business Case why they are required and it will get escalated to see if they can be implemented in current product versions. New features are only added to Service Pack patches.

List of Enhancement Request for this post:

ADAPT01449906 - "Deactivate Drill" object property

ADAPT01449910 - Equal Horizontal / Vertical allignment formatting feature

ADAPT01449913 - Reset dialog box positions for larger screen sizes and dual monitors changes

ADAPT01449947 - Allow to adjust/set the number of recent reports to display

ADAPT01449978 - Formula Debugging Features

ADAPT01449983 - Enable Scroll mouse wheel in formula editor dialog box

ADAPT01450043 - Crystal to support Open Type fonts

ADAPT01450238 - Hijra calendar support in our Date Parameter Calendar Prompt UI

ADAPT01450252 - Repeat Subreport Report Header if subreport spans more than one page

ADAPT01450258 - Allow support of spatial queries

ADAPT01450278 - Rotate a text object n degrees

ADAPT01450288 - Spell Checker in Crystal Designer

ADAPT01450755 - Put the Zoom button back in the menu bar

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