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Oct 17, 2009 at 06:17 PM

CrystalReports 2008 SP2 crashes for "MicrosoftODBCforOracle" with Oracle11g


Our Product uses crystal reports to generate automation reports where

in data is fetched from Oracle Database using "Microsoft ODBC for

Oracle" connection.

This was working well in crystal report XI with Oracle 9i. Its causing problem as explained below for Crystal report 2008 sp2 with Oracle11g.

Upgradng to Crystal reports 2008 SP2, while opening a "Microsoft ODBC for Oracle" connection and entering the login

information for "ORACLE 11g" Database, crystal reports is crashing with following message "Crystal reports has stopped working".

Steps for Reproduce

1) For system with oracle 11g installed, set the data source (e.g.

localhost) as "microsoft ODBC for ORACLE".

2) Install Crystal reports 2008 SP2.

3) Open a blank report and create a new connection

4) Select ODBC(RDO) in the new connection structure

5) Open the data source localhost (its an e.g. specified above)

6) LogOn information will be asked, after entering user name and

password for the database login, the crystal reports will crash and the

error message is attached in the below screen shot

*The problem signature in the crash window is as follows *

Problem Event Name: BEX

Application Name: crw32.exe

Application Version:

Application TimesTAMP: 4a365bb5

Fault Module Name: msorcl32.dll_unloaded

Fault Moduleversion

Fault Module Timestamp 4791a6fb

Temporary WorkAround:- Using drivers provided by Oracle e.g."Oracle in

OraDb11g_XXXX" for configuring the ODBC data source. and connecting to the database and generate report

The "Microsoft ODBC for oracle" driver works fine with excel reporst and hence removes the doubt about the microsoft drivers.

Suggestion requested

1) Does Micrsoft ODBC for oracle does not work in crystal reports 2008 SP2 when used with ORACLE11g?