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Oct 12, 2018 at 07:15 PM

Colombia eDocument- Where to maintain the URL to connect SAP with the Colombian Goverment(DIAN)?


For Colombia Electronic Invoice implementation, year 2018 we are using eDocuments SAP standard solution to implement in our SAP sytems.

We started this week SAP QAS Testing,
created already sourcedocuments or normal SD Invoices,

but when we click on "Submit" button using the EDOC_COCKPIT - eDocument Cockpit then we get an error - AIF , checking the error just says Proxy error is NULL.

When registration was done at Colombia Tax authority page to get user, password, number ranges valid, the DIAN also provided a URL to be sued for testing, below is the URL provided by DIAN:

The questions we have are:

1.- ¿Witch should be the correct URL used for testing SAP-DIAN?

2.- ¿Where should be updated the Test URL in SAP ECC or in SAP Cloud Plattform?

3.- ¿Or is SAP Cloud Platform package eDocument for Colombia already should have a proxy with the configuration for Test?

Please advise.