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Oct 16, 2009 at 08:11 PM

Using Datango Demos in UA Classrooms


Here are instructions to use the Datango recordings -- the screen captures won't copy into this so if you need a document with screen captures, email

Hopefully these instructions will help.

To use the Datango recordings:

Click on the recording that you wish to review.

Click on the View this article icon

Click on Open

If there is a file with a .htm extension, click on that file, otherwise open the folder

For example in the Sales Demo, Opening the Sales_Cycle folder will show the index.htm document

Double click on the Index.htm document to launch the Datango Trainer in your browser

Click on the module that you wish to view. You will see 4 icons appear on the top of the right panel.

You can click on the Demo icon to have the recordings played back in the demo mode. The Practice mode will prompt you to fill in the information, and the test mode will test you to see if you can fill in the correct information (based on the information that was input into the system.) The concurrent mode shows you how to complete an activity within each application. In this mode, the demo will pause after each step to give you the chance to complete the step in the real application.