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Oct 16, 2009 at 11:44 AM

Customizing tpz transports


Hi all,

My customer is using PI 7.0 and I need a best-practise regarding transports.

There are three options for transporting ESR content,

1. export / import using the file system (PI 7.0 doesn't have the client option)

2. using CMS

3. using CTS

see also:

We're currently using option 1, which requires a manual action for copying / moving exported tpz files into the right folder.

My goal is to skip this manual action and thereby automize the process.

If a tpz file is imported SAP moves it automaticaly to the subdirectory <serverdir>/xi/repository_server/importedFiles

I can setup this directory as a import directory for the second system, but that's a 'dirty' solution.

Is there an option to change the importedFiles folder after importing ESR content?

Or does anybody have a different idea how to handle this?