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Oct 16, 2009 at 09:17 AM

Transporting Requirment Routines from Development to Quality Client


Hi all,

I have created a new Pricing Requirement Routine in my Development Client. Then I assign it to my condition type in pricing procedure.

Try pressing "CHECK" button.

It gave me ""There is no Main program for RVA6901" error message

Then I use "GENERATE" menu option.

Once CHECK again, it was OK.

Tested it in DEV client. It's working fine.

Then transport it to Quality client.

In quality client when I go to my pricing procedure, it shows my new routine.

When i go to Tx: VOFM it shows that as Active.

But when I start testing it with data, that routine is not working properly.

Then I went to VOFM again & press "CHECK" button there.

It gave me that error message again "There is no Main program for RVA6901"

Seems like it's not generated in my QLT Client. I generate it in QLT client as it require a Access Key & further when I transport it to Production client i will have to do the same as I require to open the client for development.

Any idea how I can transport a GENERATED VOFM Routine from my development client to Quality client>

Thanks & best regards,