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Oct 16, 2009 at 07:13 AM

SSM 7.0 - Transporter - Unexpected error, your import request is aborted


Hi guys!!

we are running SSM 7.0.

We have found the following error after a transport:

Unexpected error, your import request (ref#114000173797196) is aborted. Please check log for error details.

These are the steps followed:

1. Dev system: Export from test enviroment one database (DB01) via Transporter.

2. Production enviroment: Import the DB1.

3. Because the export we downloaded in step 1 it was not the latest (because the download dropdown always shows the first one no the last one), we need to remove the DB1 imported in production. So:

4. Production system: remove the DB1 via Tools > Add new DB > Remove.

5. Dev system: we download the right export zip.

6. Production system: we import the right export zip and we find the error indicadted above.

Could you be pleased to indicated me why I cannot import this database again?

I have reviewed a log in the following server path but I can not find the error:

File name: ""


Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,