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Oct 15, 2009 at 02:40 PM

Toggle between Web Items using an Image link in WAD 7.0



i want to toggle between Web items using an image link: e.g. on my template I have a visible table and a hidden chart, now when I click on a small chart image I want the table to get hidden and the chart to get visible. I know that this is possible using a button group, but I need to make this possible using an image.

My approach is the following:

1. Using a script item with 2 commands of type SET_ITEM_PARAMETERS from the command wizard, from which one command hides the table and one command makes the chart visible.

2. Writing a hyperlink which calls up the script using the image as source.

Now my problem:

This works only if I'm using ONE command of type SET_ITEM_PARAMETERS in the script function. So I can either make the chart visible or hide the table. When I insert a second command in the java script nothing works anymore. However, I need to use both commands at once in order to make it useful. I don't know how to program in javascript, can you help me out?!



PS: I could show you the javascript code which was created automatically by the web application designer including both commands, but as I've just seen it in the preview it looks totally messed up since it doesn't get formatted corrected.