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Oct 15, 2009 at 01:48 PM

SOP for product group


Hi experts,

I have a problem transferring planed Sales quantities by product groups to SOP.

I did steps:

1. Planned sales quantities by material, KEPM.

2. Created product group with members material, MC84

3. Transferred planned sales quantities to SOP into inactive version, KE1E

I can see or change SOP for material (MC88, MC89), but plan for product group is empty (MC82, MC83)!!!! Iu2019ve tried to create sales plan for product group transferring it from COPA (MC82), but it doesnu2019t work. Accordingly Break down PG plan (MC76) doesnu2019t work because plan for product group is empty and there is nothing to distribute.

4. Iu2019ve checked planning type SOPKAPA for info structure S076. Structure row Sales has Aggregation method Total created. Iu2019ve tried to change planning type SOPKAPA, e.g. inserted new structure row. But for product group plan I see the same view, I mean there is no new structure row. Is it possible, that plan for product group used another planning type not SOPKAPA?

The main question is u2013 how to aggregate/ sum planned sales quantities for product group?

Thanks in advance!