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Oct 15, 2009 at 01:17 PM

Reg: Need to genarate the fields dynamically


Hi all,

I have an requirement like I need to display the fields dynamically based on date range..

Ex: In my final output I am having 3 fields. Plant, date, qty.

In my selection screen I will give the date range. And in the code based on the logic data is fetching and at last I need to display the fields based on the date range. Suppose if I gave 2 months date.

O/p: |plant| date |qty |date |qty|

Suppose 3 months means

O/p: |plant| date |qty |date |qty| date |qty|

If you observe the above 2 o/pu2019s Date and qty fields are repeating based on month range. So is there any FM to generate the fields dynamically..