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Oct 15, 2009 at 01:19 PM

Integration Scenario ( software Component )


Hello Friends,

I am new to PI, and have to make a PI senario:

Basically I have to provide user with WSDL, he can call this WSDL and in backend system an IDOC will take the values.

So given the user information, I started creating DataTypes ( from xml ) I called it DT_Artical.

Then I created Message Type I give it a name MT_Artical.

Then I imported Idoc from backend and give did the Message - Mapping and also created Interface-Mapping... so far so good.

Now I have following doubths...

By creating Message Interface I got confused what is my inbound and outboud...nevertheless I created following two Message Interface.

MT_Artical_IN ( Inbound interface for Idoc going to backend, RECIEVER Side )

MT_Artical_OUT ( outbound interface for message type MT_Artical Sender Side )

Is that correct ? ( message interface ) ?

Then I went on to create following two actions....

Article_Sen_WS_Msg ( object type Inbound with Message Interface (MT_Artical_IN )

Article_Rev_Idoc_Msg ( object tpye outbout with Message Interface (MT_Artical_OUT)

Now comes the real problem.... :

I tried to create the Integration Scenario ... what I did, when I treid to create the application component and select the product, ( my software component does not apper to this product ) ........... Even though when I look into the SLD I can see that my Software Component is assigned to that particular product ?

I cheked maybe my software componet is not assigend to ( installed systems ) and yes it was not, so I explicity assigned ti to Installed Systsms... even though my newly created software component is not visible ( all remaings are visible ) mentioned in SLD I can though see it under the product ...

Anyidea what I am doing wrong ?

Thanks for your valuable input ...