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Oct 15, 2009 at 10:08 AM

Transport of solution monitoring between solution manager system


Dear expert,

we have 2 SAP solution manager systems.

1 is for 'playground' - try & test

1 is the productive which connect to all the productive & QA systems, with live monitoring data & EWA setup.

my doubt here are

1. user usually request a new monitoring setup in my 'test' solution manager, where not all the productive systems are connected here. Is it advisable for me to setup all the RFC & necessary configuration to productive system from my 'test' solution manager (so that user can setup/test the monitoring)? that will come to the situation where all productive system is connected to TWO sap solution manager systems. Any impact on the managed system

2. if the point 1 is work, how can i transport my monitoring configuration (or maybe complete monitoring solution: system monitoring, BPM, etc) to my productive solution manager? using normal transpot STMS?

3. if poit 1 is not going to work, is it means we need to setup all the monitoring for productive system directly on my productive solution manager without a test? there is not necessary to practise SAP standard procedure to setup in Test/Dev system?

please advise.

thank you