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Oct 15, 2009 at 08:59 AM

3-d party proc. intercompany


Dear SD Gurus,

Is it possible to use the Third party processing scenario in an intercompany situation?

Example: we have in SAP two companies; one is manufacturing and the other is distributing. The flow of goods from the manufacturing to the distribution is managed by intercompany STOs. So far so good, no problem.

Now, in few cases, the manufacturing company is purchasing the FGs from an external vendor (for various reasons). Since in our business we deal with large volume and weight and low value materials, it doesn't make economical sense that the materials would be sent by the vendor actually to the manufacturing plant, and then moved again to the distribution plant. We want that the vendor supplies directly to the distribution company.

Third part process is exactly what we want, but I have doubts that if it can be implemented in such a scenario (where the customer is another company in SAP, and using intercompany billing).

Could you shed some light?