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Oct 15, 2009 at 06:36 AM

Variance calculation error -



I am getting the below error while calculating the variance in KKS1 transaction code.Kindl y help me....

Why it is not picking planned is picking only target cost and actual cost.Variance is calculated - the differance between target & actual costs. Kindly help us in fix this issue.

Only remaining var. in version 0 - no target costs for 000001000021

Only remaining var. in version 2 - no target costs for 000001000021

Message no. KV151


For the calculation of variances with 000001000021 , the target costs in target cost version 0 are missing for the following reasons:

There were no planned costs and/or planned quantities (see earlier message).

The quantities on which the planned costs were based are zero in the time period concerned. This may be caused by the fact that no goods receipt for a cost object (such as a product cost collector or production order) has been entered.

This results in target costs of zero.

System Response

Because no target costs were calculated, the difference between the

planned and actual costs could not be broken down into variance categories. The difference is updated as a remaining variance.